How It Works


Nairtime SA (trading as Xtra Cash) will be the credit provider (NCRCP13197) in respect of any loan that is approved and granted to you via CASH ADVANCE.

This means that all rights that you may have in respect of a loan that we grant to you, whether under the loan agreement itself or otherwise under the NCA, will be rights that you have against Xtra Cash, and not against any other party.

The Steps below describe the way in which CASH ADVANCE, or our Service, works. Please take the time to read them carefully.

Step 1:

In order to use CASH ADVANCE, or the Service, you must, as a Vodacom customer of at least 6 months, also hold a “Lite Wallet” with Vodapay. If you hold a wallet with Vodapay but your wallet is not a Lite Wallet, you will be given the option to upgrade your wallet to a Lite Wallet with Vodapay to enable you to make use of CASH ADVANCE. Your customer account, and your wallet, will need to be validated by Vodapay before you can make use of CASH ADVANCE or the Service.

Step 2:

If you are successfully validated by Vodapay, and you choose to make use of the Service by clicking “Apply for new Cash Advance on the Vodapay Cash Advance miniapp”, you will need to follow the application steps to complete the Loan Application Process and submit it to us through the Vodapay App.

Step 3:

If you currently have an open Cash Adavnce loan with Xtra Cash (i.e. you have already received a Cash Advance loan from Xtra Cash, which has not yet been repaid by you), you will not be allowed to apply for a second Cash Advance loan. Once the open Loan loan has been repaid, you will be able to apply for another loan with Xtra Cash by following the Steps.

If you have no outstanding loans with Xtra Cash, you will be permitted to move to Step 4.

Step 4:

Xtra Cash is required by law to assess and determine whether or not you can afford the loan for which you are applying. Xtra Cash will carry out this assessment by gathering and considering the following information:

  • You will need to provide or declare certain information to Xtra Cash when you fill in the Application Process. We will also ask you questions relating to your income and current expenses.
  • Vodacom will provide Xtra Cash with a report from a registered credit bureau in relation to you. The report will be used for the purposes of validating your identity, and to ascertain whether there is any adverse (negative) credit information relating to you, that is recorded with the credit bureau. We will also take into consideration your payment profile as contained in your credit report.
  • Vodacom will provide Xtra Cash with certain mobile transactional information relating to you, including but not limited to your average mobile data spend over a period of three months, your balance and your top-up behaviour.
  • Xtra Cash will use the services of a banking aggregator, namely Finch Technologies RE (Pty) Ltd. The banking aggregator will direct you to your internet banking online log-in screen, where you will be asked to select your bank from a list of available options and to provide consent for our retrieval of your bank statements that you are providing for us to conduct the affordability assessment mandated by the NCA.

The banking aggregator will provide Xtra Cash with:

(a) your bank statements for a period of three months; and
(b) confirmation as to whether or not the income and expenses reflected on the bank statements exceeds the income and expenses stated/declared by you in the Application Process you have completed.

Making use of the information described above, Xtra Cash will apply the affordability assessment criteria and processes that have been adopted by Xtra Cash in compliance with the NCA to your application for a loan. Using the information provided by you (through your earlier declarations) and the banking aggregator, Xtra Cash will determine your discretionary income after accounting for relevant taxes, your monthly expenditure and minimum expense norms as mandated by the NCA. Xtra Cash will also verify your loan repayment history and status of any obligations you may currently have through the use of a registered credit bureau to ensure that you are not currently over-indebted nor will taking a loan from Xtra Cash cause you to become over-indebted.

Step 5:

Xtra Cash will verify (check or make sure) that all information that you have provided or submitted to Xtra Cash in, or in terms of, the Application Process is accurate and complete.

Step 6:

If Xtra Cash chooses to decline (reject) your application, we will notify you that your application has been unsuccessful. Should you request the reason why we have declined (rejected) your application, we will provide you with the dominant reason thereof.

Where Xtra Cash is satisfied that you can afford the loan that you have applied for, based on Xtra Cash’s application of its adopted affordability assessment criteria and processes, and is otherwise satisfied that you are eligible for the loan, you will receive confirmation on the Service that your loan application has been approved.

Step 7:

If your loan application is approved, Xtra Cash will send you an SMS with a hyperlink to the “quotation and pre-agreement statement” (“Quotation and Pre-Agreement Statement”) for your consideration, as required by the NCA.

The Quotation and Pre-Agreement Statement will set out all of the details of the loan that we are willing to provide to you (“Offered Loan”), including the full cost to you of the Offered Loan.

You will be able to download and print the Quotation and Pre-Agreement Statement, should you wish to do so.

Step 8:

Once your loan has been approved, Xtra Cash will display on the Service the Terms and Conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) for your consideration, as required by the NCA. You will be able to download and print the Terms & Conditions, should you wish to do so. .

The Service will prompt you to (i) accept the Terms & Conditions or to (ii) decline the Terms & Conditions before you can continue with the loan application process.

You acknowledge and understand that, by accepting the Terms & Conditions via the Service, you will be entering into a credit agreement with Xtra Cash. You undertake to make sure that you read the Terms & Conditions carefully before you click to accept the Proposed Loan Documents.
If you do not understand any of the terms included in any of the Terms & Conditions, please contact Xtra Cash’s Customer Service Line, using the contact details provided above, and we will assist you.
If you do not accept the Terms & Conditions according to the process described within 5 (five) business days of the date on which we first make the Terms & Conditions available to you via the Service, you acknowledge, understand and agree that the Loan Application will no longer be accessible to you for online acceptance, the Offered Loan will lapse (fall away), and you will need to complete and submit a new loan application to us. In such a case, you understand and acknowledge that the application process will need to be followed by you again, from Step 1.

Step 9:

If you accept the Terms & Conditions , a credit agreement will be concluded between you and Xtra Cash (“Cash Advance Loan Agreement”), and your Vodapay SOV (Store of Value) wallet will be credited / updated with the value of the loan.

The relationship between you and Xtra Cash will then be governed by the terms of the Cash Advance Loan Agreement.

Repayments Made By You Under A Cash Advance Loan Agreement

The Cash Advance Loan Agreement will be governed by the NCA and you will be entitled to all the rights given to credit receivers (borrowers) in terms of the NCA.

All amounts charged to you under the Cash Advance Loan Agreement will be amounts that we are permitted to charge you in terms of the NCA.

Application Process

By completing the Application Process for us, you represent and warrant (promise, in a manner that you will be legally bound by that promise) to Xtra Cash, in terms of these CASH ADVANCE Terms and Conditions, that all information contained in the Application Process, and all information contained in any document you submit to us as required by the Application Process, or as requested by us at a later stage, is true, accurate and not misleading in any respect.

You understand and acknowledge that Xtra Cash will rely on the information and documents you provide to us in, or in terms of, the Application Process.

You further acknowledge and understand that, should you submit any false or misleading information or documents to us in, or in terms of, the Application Process, we will be entitled to:

(a) decline your loan application at the outset; and
(b) where relevant, submit your details and a description of the nature of the false or misleading information to the South African Fraud Prevention Service (“SAFPS”) and share those details and that description with other members of the SAFPS.

Affordability Assessment Process

As a registered credit provider under the NCA, Xtra Cash is required to ensure that it does not provide credit in a reckless manner. In this regard, we are fully committed to responsible lending, to the avoidance of over-indebtedness, and to conducting our business in the spirit of, and in full compliance with, the NCA.

We are further committed to ensuring that all Loan Applicants understand the nature of any Credit Agreement that we may propose, their rights and obligations under any proposed Credit Agreement and the risks and costs associated with such proposed Credit Agreement. We will be on hand to assist any Loan Applicant in understanding our process, how our Service works, or any aspect of any Proposed Loan Document. Loan Applicants can call our Customer Service Line between 08h00 and 16h30 Monday to Friday, for assistance. Our relevant contact details are provided at

In order to meet our responsible lending obligations under the NCA, we have adopted certain affordability assessment criteria and processes. Each and every loan application submitted through the Service to Xtra Cash will be subjected to Xtra Cash’s affordability assessment process.

In applying its affordability criteria and procedures in respect of each Loan Applicant and in respect of each Application, Xtra Cash will comply at all times with the provisions of the affordability assessment criteria contained in the National Credit Regulations, 2006 (“NCA Regulations”).

Reasons Why We Might Decline Your Application

The reasons as to why your application for a loan might be declined or rejected by Xtra Cash are set out below:

(a) You do not provide sufficient information to us to perform the required affordability assessment for the purposes of your loan application as mandated by the NCA; or
(b) following the application of our affordability assessment criteria and processes to your loan application, we consider you to be over-indebted for the purposes of the NCA, or that you would become over-indebted if we were to extend the requested loan to you; or
(c) you submit false or misleading information to us in or in relation to your Application, or in documents provided to us in terms of your Application; or
(d) you submit an incomplete Application to us, or incomplete information as regards any request made in the Application Process.
(e) Our credit bureau check finds you to are under debt review, subject to a debt judgement, reported as in default of existing credit agreements or found guilty of fraud.