Who We Are

CASH ADVANCE is owned and operated by Nairtime South Africa Proprietary Limited (trading as “Xtra Cash”), a private company registered in the Republic of South Africa under registration number company reg # 2014/087219/07, a registered credit provider with NCR registration number NCRCP13197, with its registered business address at 6th Floor, 119-123 Hertzog Boulevard, Foreshore, Cape Town, Western Cape.

You can contact us by telephone or by email, as follows:
Telephone: +27 11 100 5093
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://xtracash.com/south-africa
Where applicable, you can contact the NCR by telephone or email, as follows:
Telephone: 0860 627 627 (0860 NCR NCR)
Website: www.ncr.org.za
Where applicable, you can contact SACRRA by telephone or email, as follows:
Telephone: +27 87 701 3254
Email: [email protected]

Code of Conduct:

As a registered credit provider under the NCA, Xtra Cash is required to ensure that it does not provide credit in a reckless manner. In this regard, we are fully committed to responsible lending, to the avoidance of over-indebtedness, and to conducting our business in the spirit of, and in full compliance with, the NCA.

We undertake to make use of your personal information and data for the purposes of assessing your loan application, and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is available here: https://xtracash.com/south-africa/privacy-policy.

Products & Prices:

We offer digitally enabled and distributed cash loans (including micro-loans) with variable tenor periods to Vodacom subscribers though the Vodapay Cash Advance App in return for initiation fees, daily interest and service fees. The Fees and interest, excluding taxes, levied on our loans are based on the length of the tenor period selected by the Vodacom subscriber and are included in the table below:

Loan Disbursement

7 day

14 day

21 day

28 day


Min: R50

Max: R500

Min: R50

Max: R500

Min: R50

Max: R500

Min: R50

Max: R500

Initiation Fee

11% capped at R75

12% capped at 75

13% capped at R75

14% capped at R75

Daily Interest

(prorated on the number of days to settlement)

4.5% per month for the first loan and 2.7% per month on subsequent loans

3.75% per month for the first loan and 2.4% per month on subsequent loans

3.0% per month for the first loan and 2.1% per month on subsequent loans 

2.25% per month for the first loan and 1.8% per month on subsequent loans 

Service Fee

(prorated on the number of days to settlement)

R10 per month

R10 per month

R10 per month

R10 per month

The loan application and credit assessment are performed via your mobile device. The loan application is performed in real time. The credit decision and loan disbursement is immediate following your consent to perform the credit assessment using your personal data and your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, respectively.

The process is detailed at https://xtracash.com/south-africa/how-it-works.

The recovery of the loan amount, fees and interest takes place from the bank account linked to the bank card you confirmed when finalizing your acceptance of the loan.
An electronic copy of this transaction and the status of your outstanding obligation can be accessed via your VodaPay Cash Advance App and will remain available for the duration of your outstanding loan.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

The Terms and Conditions for Cash Advance are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa, without reference to any conflict of law provisions. All interactions and transactions conducted through the Cash Advance service will be subject to South African law.

In the event of a dispute between Xtra Cash and you, you may lodge a complaint against us through: (i) alternative dispute resolution, (ii) filing a complaint with the National Credit Regulator or (iii) applying to the National Consumer Tribunal.

Nothing will prevent or prohibit either Xtra Cash or you from applying to an appropriate court for urgent relief. None of the terms and conditions restrict, or attempt to restrict, any right that you may have to submit a complaint to any other body in terms of applicable law (including consumer laws such as the CPA, the ECTA and the NCA).

Any arbitration held with regard to these Cash Advance Terms and Conditions will be conducted behind closed doors and Xtra Cash and you will be required to treat all details of the dispute submitted to arbitration, the conduct of the arbitration proceedings and the outcome of the arbitration as confidential.